Friday, May 25, 2012

Abuse of Law is Unacceptable

The law is an important, valuable tool in the arsenal of sane, normal men and women everywhere. When people corrupt it to their own ends, either from within the system, such as a corrupt judge or officer, or from without, such as a corrupt businessman bribing an official, it weakens our society as a whole. When people act under the color of authority, it weakens the ability of any authority, even a just one. When citizens would use law as a weapon to dishonestly deprive others of their freedom, that should be (and honestly, I think it is) criminal.

First, you need to read here, here and here. Ignore all political things you may think when reading this. Crazy is not a political party, and that's what the people in those links are going to be talking to you about. Because these people are crazy, and that is the most important thing to take away from this.

Kimberlin has no politics except pro-Kimberliniasm positions. Those are similar positions that other individuals take who pervert law to their own ends, or do end-runs around a perfectly legal framework. They make interesting villains in fiction, because they tend to be smart and powerful. In real life, they are dangerous and need to be checked by the legitimate use of legal power.

In this case, our system is staffed by people unable to effectively bring the state to bear against childish antics. No, that's not really right. Faking the delivery of a dozen pizzas is a childish prank. Prank calling in the SWAT team is malicious thuggery at best, evil at worst. This is not a right against left issue (hence the unpoliticized politics tag!) This behavior should not be tolerated, in any one. I can agree and disagree across the political spectrum without engaging in this kind of behavior. People who can't argue without threatening others are not the sorts I want engaging in a civil debate.

Allowing people to abuse loopholes to oppress and silence speech they do not like is unacceptable in a modern state. I don't know who said it first, but the answer to bad speech is more speech. The answer to squelched speech? More speech; one of the few absolute positions I'm closest to, politically, is a free speech absolutist.

I believe that we, as a society, are in general good and behave without the need for too much authority to keep us in check. But, for the rare cases when we need authority, we want it to be the most pure, just, incorruptible system available. Our courts still are not perfect, with the innocent going to jail and engineering plea bargains that are too tempting even for innocent men and women to not accept. Those are all structural problems that America can fix at the political level; intimidation and threats are something we can fix at that level too.

But, we can also fix it at our day to day level. Check your rhetoric; tough language is fine. Harsh analogies are fine. But, there's a clear line that we should know not to cross. Most people probably won't care, and will want me to get back to writing about games and history. I will, but right now, go back, read those links, and let people know that this is not how Americans of any religious, ethnic, political or any other way of dividing us up you can think of, resolve disagreements.



Why the blog message detour today? Click here to find out, and to get more information about what's all going on. And, why yes. I'm Lawful Good, thanks for asking.

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