Friday, April 27, 2012

Weekly Things Matt Links, April 27

This is a week where I both find old things I should have known about and also prepare for new things. Namely, the Guild Wars 2 Public Beta.

The first link is to Good Old Games, because they have a sale that might interest people. It's only good for the weekend, so, you know, have fun with it!

Next is a fun little musical number. Something I should have seen a long time ago, but I somehow missed it. It is all good fun.

This made the rounds months ago, but I missed it. Watch it till the end.

On the slightly more scholarly side of things, here are a pair of articles. First, on modeling revolutions. Second an opinion piece from Bloomberg's site.

While we're staying on the more thoughtful side of things, here's a fun site on logical fallacies.

Now, to bring all this scholarly thought back to games, here's something from Wired.

Finally, here's a business model that cannot possibly end up in failure. Even CNN can't keep a straight face about it.

Finally, I was trying to decide what I was going to do for the Guild Wars 2 Beta, but someone beat me to the joke/punch.

Someone else has Disco Charr? How can it be!?

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