Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekly Things Matt Links, April 20

Since this is a non-political blog, we're going to let sleeping dogs lie. As much as I make fun of CNN, their Geek Out blog occasionally has stories there that I find actually interesting. This week was one of them. Well, maybe one of them was from their Tech section. I don't really remember. Anyway, below are the non-political links, which is how this cookie crumbles.

I have disposable income to burn, so someone besides CNN, sell me on this. With rumors of Ghostbusters 3 always just on the verge of the possible, I can't help but think it might be great. Cookies and dogs, living together.

Last week was apparently a big deal for the Titanic. That's just one of the many links that were flying around.

On Google+, some folks were sharing this piece back and forth. I come down firmly on the side of technology being a tool that man has to use. No free rides to being good, even if you have a jet pack. There were no links this week about jet packs.

In a few more years, New Kids on the Block, or whoever, may get inducted. Then we will all just resign ourselves that that is the day the music died.

Adventure gamers rejoice. No snark. Just rejoice.

Now that we're done rejoicing, WaPo brings us off our high. Do you mean CSI lies to us? Why would CSI lie to us?

Don't worry, WaPo tries to make it better.

Then CNN can bring us home with a new take on an old issue.

Thus ends our second, semi-a-political, week of things Matt links. Also, how did I miss lawyer dog? He even dresses like Edgeworth a little!

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