Friday, April 13, 2012

Weekly Things Matt Links, April 13

Every now and again, I collect links and I think: "I don't want to use a whole post to link to a single thing." So, I start a folder. But then, I do nothing with the links.  Each week, then, I hope to have a couple of links of things that I found interesting. It should run the gamut of history, nerdery and things I like, er, that I link. Friday the thirteenth seemed as good a reason as any to start.

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably have already seen me tweet out these things. Twitter, though, is a bit more give and take, and is less focused than I want this blog to be. I try to keep politics and current events out of the blog, but it is fair game on Twitter. So, consider this the depoliticized links of the week.

Now, you can once again understand that there's no place like the National Museum of American History.

I have a ticket for this Air and Space lecture. Granted, that is in June. But, you know, some people like to prepare for things.

Speaking of things I have tickets for, The Legend of Zelda symphony is going to be at Wolf Trap in July.

I have a running set of jokes about how robots will destroy the world, which are stolen from the Internet. Usually about climbing stairs and having thumbs. However, those are the same sorts of skills robots need to save us all.

CNN has a fun iReport picture of Discovery.

I'll never be as disappointed in you as these guys are.

Something I post every year around this time, because you never know when someone might come along to look for it.

There are too many threads on the Star Wars: The Old Republic board to link. But, SW:ToR is probably the first game to actually anger its player base by giving away free things. Not only that, but their hot fix somehow broke 1.2, and I don't mean a little. You really need to go to their board and just take it in. Like I said on Twitter, this is why we can't have nice things. Though, here is a nice thing you can have. If you win, and pay for shipping.

I'm also really glad I waited to post this till I got home from work, instead of auto updating it. So I could share this, that someone else shared via Google+.

Finally, something you've probably already seen.



What I'm reading; what I'm playing and this.

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