Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Side of Fowl

In about 18 hours or so, if my estimate on the lag to auto post is right, you should be able to play the Guild Wars 2 Beta. So, while I expect to write about that over the weekend, today and yesterday, I was out of the area for work. So, today is a content light day. But that's OK! You can flip back and read about handling horror and my rule of three. Or click below the jump for some pictures of water fowl.

Hello. I guess you would like some pictures I took of water fowl while I was in the Richmond area.

To Richmond did I venture quaintly,
Where fowls nested in secluded brushes,
And some of them appeared quite saintly,
Yet none at all responded to my shushes.
Tomorrow, real(ish) content.

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