Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cherry Blossom Parade 2012: Unexpected Things

Today I went to the Cherry Blossom Parade! I got to see a parade. I liked it. Even if there were many unexpected things, and some things that were too high that needed help getting down. One thing that was too high was a young woman, who needed help getting down. I am a gentleman, so I helped her down.

Here is another thing that was up too high. Unlike the young woman, I took a picture of it.
This unexpected cat is disappointed.
I did not get the cat's name. It disappeared during one of the marching band acts. I assume its owner found it. Because it was too high. Cats do not go that high.

Look. It is afloat.
Floating cubes with logos do go that high. That is an expected thing to see at a Cherry Blossom Parade.
He is Sir Cherry of Blossom, I guess?
Knights are not expected at Cherry Blossom Parades. They do not have anything to do with trees. Or Japanese gifts. Knights are very European. Knights often need help getting up and down off their horses. They are not too high, but they do not belong.
It was just there. Ducking away.
The duck did not need help getting down into the fountain. It has wings. This helps it with all vertical challenges. It did not quack.

They know beavers destroy trees, right?
His name is Paddles. He is a beaver. He is the mascot for the cherry blossom trees. Let us revisit point two in what I just told you. He is a beaver. This would be like if Smokey were a dragon instead of a bear. Dragons are not known for being conscientious about accidentally starting fires. Beavers are not known for their desire to love and nurture trees. They beave them, or whatever. It is what the teeth are for. What an unexpected mascot.

Those were the most unexpected things from my trip to D.C. today. For more pictures, click here and scroll down.



Here is a totally expected thing, which also could get very high up, without needing help down.
Isn't it adorable?

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  1. As an aside, young women are not unexpected at parades. People are completely expected there. Unless they are knights.


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